Lions News · Off-Season Practice Information

Prince William County Schools (PWCS) has decided to allow out of season practice. The number one concern is the safety of our staff and students. After much consideration, we believe we can provide the opportunity for our students to improve on their social, mental, and physical health by allowing out of season practice. Initially this out of season practice will mostly be in the form of conditioning as no equipment will be allowed. Every coach participating will receive training about the precautions being taken and the expectations the division has to follow social distancing practices and guidelines. Out of season practice sessions are not mandatory for our students nor our coaches. A safety precaution we are taking, is the answering of a mandatory daily Covid-19 health screening utilizing the SportsWare Online program

Prior to participating in out of season practice, athletes are required to provide the Athletic Department with the following:

  1. A current physical dated on or after May 1, 2020
  2.  Signed PWCS concussion training paperwork – Concussion training for ALL STUDENTS should now be completed online at the PWCS online concussion training website.
  3.  A completed emergency card
  4. Mandatory DAILY online covid-19 health screening (see more information below)

We will have specific dates that physicals and concussion training paperwork will be collected by the Activities Office. At these drop-off dates, you can pick up a blue emergency card. Stay tuned for dates and times!

Also, coaches will review Covid-19 safety precautions with their student-athletes to help ensure safe practices during practice sessions. A safety precaution we are taking, is the answering of a mandatory daily Covid-19 health screening utilizing the SportsWare Online program. To enter your information, visit The first time you visit the website you will need to enter your school email address and click Get Password. The information you enter is not shared outside of your individual school. The certified athletic trainer is the only person who has access to your medical information. The emergency contact information can be accessed by the athlete’s coach during their respective season only. SportsWare is fully HIPPA compliant.

Below is a general overview of what each parents and students can expect:

  • Students/Parents should register with their school email address on SportsWare at If you are unsure of your student’s school email address, please contact the school to confirm it. Full instructions can be found at Daily Health Screening for Off-Season Practices.
  • Each day a student wishes to participate in out of season practice, a parent must complete the health screening by noon.
  • Upon arrival at the school, the student shall remain in the car until checked in by a coach or athletic trainer.
  • Students MUST bring a mask and their own filled water bottle.
  • Students are expected to social distance at a minimum of six feet at all times.
  • In the case of an emergency inclement weather event, students will be taken inside for shelter purposes only. If this happens, masks must be worn in the building.
  • Students will be separated into small groups of 10 referred to as “pods”. Students shall stay in their respective pods and not interact with other sessions during transitions. For example, students leaving the 9:00 session should not interact with students arriving for the 11:00 session.
  • Please do not bring any equipment to practices at this time.

Stay tuned from announcements from coaches for team specific practice information!

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact our Director of Student Activities, Kevin Turner, at