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Tryout Information

When: 4/12-14, 2:30-4:00 
Where: Turf Stadium field – you will be entering through the side gate next to door 3 at the front of the building. You may not enter through the main gate and you may not come in from the back of the building. To make it easier for check-in as well as drop off and pick up, everyone will come from the front of the school, i.e. the parking lot in front of the stadium field. You will exit through the new main gates of the stadium field. At chek-in, the Athletic training staff will be outside and at the gate checking students in. If a student hands paperwork in, but has not completed their daily SWOL screening, they will be sent home. Likewise, if a student submits SWOL, but does not have their paperwork turned in, they will be sent home.
What to wear: wear your practice uniform – maroon shirt, black shorts, black socks
Things you need to bring:
Running shoes
Shin guards
Students will be assigned numbers for tryouts. Please come early to receive your number so we can start on time.
Everyone needs to be socially distanced during water breaks. Our Athletes safety is the highest priority. Please respect everyone’s space and come with a good attitude! MASKS ARE MANDATORY AND NEED TO BE WORN AT ALL TIMES. 
If you have any questions please email or text/call Coach Carmen at 5716230711.
Good luck to all our athletes trying out!
Coach Carmen Suarez
Varsity Girls Soccer Head Coach